10 Things No Worship Leader Should Ever Forget

By Gangai Victor →
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When we talk about 'unforgettables'  for a worship leader, we usually refer to stuff like songs in the set list, transition plan, chords, song sequence and so on.

Let's go a bit deeper than that here.

Sometimes it's easy to bank on experience and deliver a good enough worship session. Been there, done that, right?!

That's why regular time-outs to introspect is important. For  it's not about what we can do or how experienced we are. Heck, it's not even about us in the first place! This list is an outcome of one of my introspection times.

10 Lifelong 'Unforgettables' for Every Worship Leader

  • Loving the Lord is most important. Loving neighbor is the very next best thing
  • Neighbor includes family, never take them for granted
  • Just knowing the Name of Jesus is an amazing privilege, let alone singing it out
  • God is full of surprises and it’ll always be that way
  • Worship leading and songwriting are two distinct ministries. It’s perfectly fine and absolutely normal if you’re not into both
  • Regular repentance is a best practice for life
  • Nothing good comes out of envying someone's else's gifts / skills / ministry
  • The anointing of the Holy Spirit was, is and forever will be a mystery
  • Practice & hard work cannot substitute for prayer
  • Prayer cannot substitute for practice & hard work
Now that you've read my list, here's your turn to share: What are your 'unforgettables'?

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