It’s always a joy to discover and write about new technology that’s useful for the Church. And cloud based technologies are truly trending in the the world of computing in almost all types of organizations – so why not the Church? I’ve covered some of these cloud applications in earlier articles, but Proclaim looks like an absolute pioneer in this area.

It’s the first and currently the only Church projection software that’s integrated with the cloud. It’s a product from the folks behind the popular Logos Bible Software.

Working with Proclaim starts with downloading a desktop content management tool – there’s a version for Windows and another for Mac available (Linux users are out of luck for now). The installation and setup wizard guides you through an account opening process to create a username and group. Once done, we are greeted with an interface to build church services.

There are many off-the-shelf templates to build the content of a service - available components include songs, Bible verses (standard translations like ESV, NIV, NLT etc. available, not sure there’s support for Catholic Bibles though), videos, images, custom text slides and even web pages. Slide content (including songs) can be created by uploading files from the local hard drive also.

Then the power of the cloud comes into play. The person delivering the sermon can independently create his/her own content into the same presentation by logging into a separate account (if it is part of the same group). Worship team members can use their individual accounts to create their content and it all gets synced and stored collaboratively! Finally, to project the presentation, there’s an “ON AIR'” button, which needs to be clicked. I am yet to test dual monitors though, which should hopefully work.

I find Proclaim user-friendly (the eye-candy is neat too!) – it took me just a few clicks to figure out how Proclaim works.  Overall it’s a great start to an innovative initiative for the Church and it should only get better from here!

There’s an introductory offer of $10/month for churches with less than 100 members and $20 if the number is 100 or more, which is awesome for a country like USA I suppose. Here in India, it may be a bit out of reach for many ministries/churches. However, we should not forget that it’s still a highly competitive product when compared to other commercial worship software out there. Plus, the easy-to-use features and  benefits of the cloud (there’s no competition on this one at the moment!) make Proclaim a compelling option.

Imho, a one-time fee for the desktop interface and integration with a user-selected cloud storage service like Dropbox, Box.Net, Skydrive etc. would make it even more affordable for international users. Who knows, Proclaim might come out with something like that.

What’s truly impressive is, this is just the first version of the product. It’s going to be fascinating to see what the next versions would bring to the world of worship visuals!

So do you think there is space for a cloud based solution like Proclaim? Have you tried it?